Setting Page 1 of a part on the inside page of the book, rather than the front

• Jul 9, 2021 - 06:46

To minimise page turns, I want the beginning of a part to appear on the left side of an open book - so page 1 would be on left side of the spine, page 2 on the right. In Page View, I'm not able to achieve this. (Under Format>Style>Header Footer, I am able to make the page numbers appear in the corners that I want). I thought if I added an empty frame to make a blank page 1, this would fix it. However, when I try to fix the page numbers under Format>Page Settings>First Page Number, I cannot keep the page arrangement I want. i.e. the "book" view changes. As I'm trying to edit for page turns, it would be great to actually see left and right page displayed as I'd like, in Page View.

Is there a way to achieve this? An option somewhere to set page 1 "on the front", or "inside"? On the left or right of the spine?

I understand that when I print the part this will make no difference, this is purely for working in Musescore.

I've attached some screenshots.

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Use that empty frame, optionally apply a page break to it (so you don't need to size it to move everthing else to the next page), and then in Format > Page settings change the first page's number to 0

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Well, mine is the solution, there is no other. It has an empty 1st 'cover' page and starts numbering pages with '1' on the 2nd page, which on print becomes the the 'inner' page, with page numbering on the far upper corners (away from the spine).
All this is of course relevant only for print, within MuseScore you don't need that at al, as there no page turning is required in any case.

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Well, your solution is not the solution to my question.

That you decide after the fact what is important or is not important, is really the problem here.

Please Jojo, if you can't be bothered to read the original question, don't bother to reply again. You are no help.

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I think that the suggestion from Jojo is very close to the solution you want. But it seems to me that there is a bug in MuseScore which trips us up here. [EDIT] Let's call it a "feature" rather than a "bug".

As I understand it, you want:
a) the first score page with notes to be numbered as page 1
b) the first score page with notes to appear on the left

To do this (in theory) you need to insert at the top of the score one vertical frame, with a page break. This forces your first page with notes to appear on the left as required? But at this stage it is numbered as Page 2.

You then need to sort out the page numbering, by subtracting 1 from the page count. In Format > Page Settings... > First page number change the value from 1 (default) to a new value of zero.

And that's where the bug appears. The "first page" value of zero upsets the previous page layout, so that your first page of notes (now numbered as Page 1) suddenly appears on the right.

MuseScore seems to insist that even-numbered pages (including zero) are always on the left, and odd-numbered pages (including 1) are always on the right. And that is what you traditionally see in published music.

I can't see any workaround to this problem.

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Every score I have looked at today and indeed every book I have looked at today has odd numbered pages on the right and even numbered on the left, whether there are any notes or words on the first right hand page. If the first right hand page is blank, then the next page (on the left) is numbered 2. I can't find any contrary example anywhere. MuseScore thankfully follows this common practice in Page View. Do we really need a workaround to do something that seems to go against years of publishing practice?

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" Do we really need a workaround to do something that seems to go against years of publishing practice?"

I have never felt the need, so I agree with you. But the OP was obviously hurt at not getting a satisfactory solution, so DanielR just tried to explain that currently it's not possible. And in particular he mentioned "And that is what you traditionally see in published music."

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My sincere thanks to DanielR for actually reading my question, considering it thoughtfully and taking the time to replicate it. It is frustrating to be told "you have no problem".

Thanks also to SteveBlower and DanielR for the thoughtful discussion about whether MuseScore even consider
this (admittedly edge case) worth resolving. It might not be and that's okay. I wanted to know if there was a way I could remedy this, it appears there is not.

Thanks to Ziya for explaining that there are musicians outside of the core Musescore users who might want this software to work in some different ways.

Only in orchestral works the players start playing from the inner page.
Because the two pages are side by side, there is no need to turn the page for many instrument players.
Also The name of the work is written on the first (left blank) page. There may also be some beautiful illustrations on this first page. But this method is never used in large volume books.

Since the conductor never says anything like "we start on page two", the page number is not needed and is usually not printed. Instead, it's said something like "four bars before M", and that's how to find the place to start playing. Rehearsal Marks (rehearsal-letters) are used for this. Or the measure numbers are specified for the place to start playing like "measure number 254". No page number is needed when using all of these.

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