Copy paste - Verbatim!

• Jul 18, 2021 - 08:25

I wanted to copy and paste a section of music into another place in my piece.
The section had time signature changes - more than one perhaps.

Copy and paste only seems to copy the actual notes, and not take account of any other markings.

This also applies to key signatures - changes of key signatures are not noted, though the actual notes represented are copied.

Interestingly, changes in clef are carried over into the copied sections.

A feature to allow a verbatim copy of a section of music might be very helpful.

This would be similar effectively to the insert file feature I have suggested previously.

Is there some technical reason why verbatim copies of sections might not be possible?


 + 1 for the Copy/Paste option of pasting meter, key signature, repeats, volta. etc.

This has been requested before. Thanks for adding your voice.


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