Input with midi or digital audio workstation

• Jul 21, 2021 - 20:08

Hi all , so i am just wondering , can one play an instrument with like one of the above inputs and this will automatically write out the music ,(like Scorecloud). Or is this for just manually inputting (writing) music scores? thanks


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As we all know, a guitar does not produce MIDI so you need to explain in more detail what you are thinking. The link to the handbook above tells you that you can use a midi keyboard to enter notes, but you need to explain how you would use your guitar together with the MIDI keyboard.

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Well my guitar is playing hooked to the pc through a digital audio workstation / controller . So i am thinking maybe i could set the output of the workstation up like a midi controller . I mean if you play keyboard , then real time playing into the software to write a score may not be an issue , but if you play guitar it is different thing.

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If you can make your PC/DAW/MIDI Controller produce MIDI signals when you play on your guitar, you can (probably) use that for entering notes into MuseScore, as described in that link to the handbook above.

So if your question really is "how do I make my PC/DAW/MIDI Controller produce MIDI signals when I play my guitar (through a microphone?) into my PC?", you will need to ask this in places/forums where your DAW or MIDI controller are discussed. No one here knows, in particular since you have not described what they are and how you have set them up.

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Yea i guess the question is "How do i make my controller put out the midi signals to write to the software " ? Or , can it be done , i just figured someone may have tried it by now and might have some ideas. Not neccessarily through a microphone , but setting up the outputs of the controller as midi , as now there is no microphone involved , the guitar just plays straight into the Daw / controller. Though i was at first yesterday playing with the "Scorecloud " software which apparently has the ability to play into a mic and write the score . I am gonna try it but i have to get a new mic first . Though i wonder how well playing through a mic would translate onto the score.

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As I said previously, it's AI bordering on magic. It will produce readable results for the very simplest scores - the ones you could have entered just as easily by hand - and unreadable gibberish for anything resembling real music. AI technology just isn't there yet.

That said, if you have a MIDI controller, just be sure it is connected and turned on before starting MuseScore, and you can use it to enter notes into MuseScore.

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Yep i see what you mean. I started entering by hand now . Some midi stuff i had recorded , i put in the software , and what comes back is just nuts , like it all over the place. I guess it dont really do me much good if i can play in real time and the score writes , but it dont even resemble what i am playing. If it was accurate it could be great.

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It's still the case, though, that it's an AI task to attempt to turn performance data into readable notation. It's simple enough to get dots onto a page, but getting the rhythms to make sense, the spelling accidentals right, sorting out multiple voices - without a human being doing that using some musical intellgence, the result is no more readable than if you just splattered blank ink onto the manuscript paper.

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