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• Jul 22, 2021 - 16:42

I tried to open a score which I spend a huge amount of time capture some time ago, and I got the following message. I think this sort of problem could be avoided if the saved score automatically included the music-xml information also. That way if some future version becomes incompatible, then at least it could fall back on reading the music-xml, rather than losing 100% of the work. Or perhaps if there was a way to tell muse core, always ALSO save the music-xml file every time I save the .mscx or .mscz file.

Is there a way to salvage my work, or do I need to completely start over from scratch?


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To try to work around this, I saved a new version to see what the header looks like.
it contains museScore version "3.02", programVersion 3.6.2, and programRevision 3224f34.
So I copied the same header into my old file, and when I try to open it, muse score still thinks it was saved with a developer version. How does muse score decided that a file was saved using a developer versioN?

That's the danger of having worked with a development version (and you have been told about that at the time, when downloading it).
There used to be a 'compatibility' develpment version for exactly this purpose (cryptically named "MuseScoreSpecial-2018-09-20-0904-master-c07ed54-300-file-format"), it is no longer available for download unfortunatley, but I still have a copy on my computer.

Here's your score opened and resaved with that version.

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The copy or that development build I have is for Windows, else I'd offer it to you.

IIRC your only the 2nd person asking for this, I believe the other was asking that a few weeks ago, must have been on the 4th July (or the day before), as that is when I unpacked that version on my new PC (after having dug it up from my old PC's hard drive)

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