Help making custom tablature for harp

• Jul 23, 2021 - 21:45

I have a friend who is learning to play a sixteen string lyre and I'm having trouble generating number tabs from simple single melody sheet music. I just want G3 =1, A4 = 2 B4 = 3,and so on. I've tried using the musescore tablature help page and it's only proven useful for really standard guitar tabs and not helpful at all for even simple custom tab structures

am I missing something here?


Since [Staff Properties: Lines] is limited to 14, here's a workaround for now:

1) Insert two instruments, one of 14, the other of 2 strings,
2) Disable vertical justification of staves and change Staff Distance to get them to look like one [1.5sp for example]. Also had to [Select All Similar] barlines and extend them further, and that'd need to be done possibly multiple times when measures are added.
3) Make sure [String Data] is as you like it correct (1st string = highest pitch). If you want it the other way around, there's an Upside Down option in there somewhere.

3) Do whatever. Be careful when pasting notes since the two staves will have to be acted upon distinctly (extra rests will probably need to be used or something at times)

When done, Right click the TAB clef, Select all Similar and then change its Y-position to mid-position:

Screenshot from 2021-07-23 18-29-06.png

I'd suggest to add to the Issue Tracker a suggestion to increase # of strings allowed for tablature staves if there isn't one already, as maybe someone will update it for 4.0 or the fabled 3.6.3

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