red notes etc

• Jul 27, 2021 - 07:14

1 - some notes i typed have turned red. how do i make them black?
2 - i typed some staff text. how do i remove it? it will not allow me to select
3 - is there a shortcut to get in/out of steptime input and back to ordinary pointer?


  1. Red notes indicate that they are out of the range of the instrument. Use a different instrument, or lower them by an octave, or ignore the colow, it won't print red anyhow.
  2. Select, press Del. If you can't select it this might be because you dragged it off the page. In that case switch to Continuous view
  1. See Jojo, and/or disable out of range colors in Edit > Preferences > Note Input

  2. See Jojo as well; or first Select All + Ctrl-R to reset positions on all elements

  3. 'N' is the default shortcut

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