Staff Spacing not resetting after deleting Staff text

• Aug 1, 2021 - 03:43

Exactly what i wrote. I tried to put all the verse chants in a box and then decided against it and put it as lyrics, but the big ol' box I made when I originally trying to have it all as staff text remains no matter what buttons I press or what I do. Attached here. Any help appreciated.


The reset would work around it indeed, but that's a bit of a "sledgehammer" in that it also resets all manual adjustments you made that you may well have wanted to keep. Normally MuseScore does a decent job of cleaning up after itself when you delete context from a staff text, but you do seem to have an "invisible" one left behind somehow. And your reset doesn't get rid of it, but only moves it back to a default position.

To actually select and delete, a nice trick is to use Alt+Left/Right to navigate your score one element at a time. In your case, select the first note of the top staff on the second system - that's the note the text is attached to - and hit Alt+Right a few times, watching the status bar. You'll see the selection move through each lyrics and then to the empty staff text. When it gets there, hit Delete.

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