Change order of verses in Musescore 3.0

• Aug 2, 2021 - 03:46

I am trying to switch verse 1 and 2. I right-click on the first word, and can see the 'inspector' pop up. I select 'same subtype', 'verse 1'. IT IS NOT POSSIBLE TO TYPE IN ANYTHING OTHER THAN 'VERSE 1' shown. So how can I ever make verse 1 into verse 3 or anything else? Why doesnt this work?


Are verses 1 & 2 already entered into the score?
When you select 'same subtype' 'verse 1' what are you trying to type in?

Please attach the score explaining exactly what you are doing, what happens, and what you want to happen.

Use that same subtype to select all verse q syllables. Them in inspector make them verse 3.
Then select all verse 2, make them verse 1 and finally all verse 3 and make them verse 2

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