Add a Volume Limit (10%-100%) of actual settings to Sound Font Playback

• Aug 3, 2021 - 01:14

When there are many instruments or several instruments playing very loudly, the sum total of the sound font sounds max out and become horridly loud static for the duration of the note(s).

I am suggesting and 10-100% (default 100%) field added to the preferences>I/O>PortAudio form.

When playing a piece on my MIDI OUT Grand Piano, the remaining sound fonts can be scaled back so as not to max-out.


May not be needed. I will test winding the master volume right down low and increase the Piano Instrument volume and increase the computer's audio out volume to see if the quality improves. It maybe that the CPU has not enough threads to process so many instruments simultaneously. This could be tested by using a high spec gaming PC to do the playback.

With the default soundfont and the default volume settings, clipping should never occur - at least I've never heard it happen.

But if you've changed to a non-default soundfont with louder samples, or turned up your synthesizer volume, then indeed, you might see clipping. The solution is then to simply turn the volume back down.

If you have a score where you hear clipping even with the defaults, please attach it so we can investigate.

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