Moving notes from trebble clef to base clef

• Aug 3, 2021 - 20:42

I'm really new to using Musescore and was wondering if there is a way to quickly move a note from the treble clef down to the base clef. My son plays the euphonium which plays in the base clef. He wants to play a song that was written for a trumpet which plays in the treble clef.

Thanks for any advice!!


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But that will have the euphonium part in the wrong key. Euph in bass clef is non-transposing. Bb trumpet in treble clef transposes down two semitones. To have the euph part in the same key as the trumpet, rather than transposing down an octave it should be transposed down a 9th.

[Edit] No, ignore that. MuseScore preserves pitches on copy paste of course. It will be the same key anyway.

Usually the simplest thing to do doesn't involve copy/paste or indeed moving notes at all. Simply right-click the staff, Staff/Part Properties, and Change Instrument then select the new desired instrument. This will automatically change the staff in the ways that would be required for the new instrument - the sound, the clef, and the transposition. Only issue would be probably the notes are unplayably high (or at uncomfortable to play), so you'd want to use Ctrl+A to select all, Ctrl+Down to transpose down. But again, all without the need for additional staves - unless for some reason you want a second staff.

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