How to depict "open" measures of rest...?

• Aug 4, 2021 - 12:11

I can't seem to find a way to depict an open series of rests, say for an intro where an instrumentalist will play an undetermined number of measures, i.e., a sax solo, then cue in the band. When I leave a number of measures with rests, a number appears above the multimeasure rest that I can't Visible out without also graying out the multimeasure rest horizontal line. Ideally, I'd like to put text in the middle of the multimeasure rest line, something like this: |-------- Open Sax Solo --------|

Alternatively, I suppose I could put in some Text inside a measure, but it just doesn't look right.
Any ideas?


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I've been trying to get it to work, and for whatever reason, it just doesn't come out right.
first, I have created a multimeasure rest, stretching out the length to accommodate the text I want to put in (say, Strings). I put in a Staff Text "Strings", and in the Inspector I select Frame: Rectangle. Then, I reduce the Border size to 0. Clicking on Highlight, I choose White. It won't cover up the "4" over the multimeasure rest, and doesn't cover up the thick line depicting the multimeasure rest. What am I missing?

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If it's only done once, then that extra minute won't be too painful. if it's something you do a lot, those minutes could add up, but then, you can simply add the text to your custom palette sand then no need to keep repeating all those steps. So actually, it's not a bad solution at all.

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Which part of it do you need help with? I listed the specified steps:

"Or, add the text, and use the Inspector to add a frame and set its border thickness to 0 and background highlight to opaque."

followed by:

"simply add the text to your custom palette"

The latter is done by Ctrl+Shift+drag

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FWIW what I did works best at the beginning of a piece. And as a PDF.
Add one measure at the beginning. Make measure rest invisible.
Create a staff text . Sax Solo. Adjust to size and make bold.
Drag text into new measure.
Get "H bar left" and "H bar right" from master pallet. Shift+K/Symbols/Rest. Drag them to position.

Hopefully what you came is better.

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