More complex repeat/volta configuration does play correctly

• Aug 13, 2021 - 12:54

I have been playin around quite a while with Musescore, and found that basic repeats with volta-s are playing fine, but with something more complicated playing is not following along.

Can someone point out, what am I doing wrong here? All repeats should play from the beggining.

Thanks in advance.

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Measure 2 one of 5 (has 6), measures 3 and 4 should get swapped and another repeat barline needs to get added (and the play count bumped up to at least 4).

Measure 3 needs a play count of 3 (has 2)
Measure 5 needs a start repeat.

The To Coda in measure 3 (4) does nothing, neither that other To Coda (disguised as a Coda) in measure 9, they need a jump instruction, like D.C. al Coda. Here you might mean a D.C .al Fine maybe, with the Fine at the volta 5? With or without repeats?

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As sait, the non last volta needs a repeat barline, and you'd better taht 1, then 2-4, then 5.
The Choris needs a start repeat barline, as I also ssaidels the end repeat hangs mid air, without any mathcih start repeat.
Same for the bridge too (I missed than one before).
And no, you have not added a jump instruction but still have to To Coda, one masking as a coda.
Oh, only the last, the other is a jump, bit one that doesn't make any sense. You want a D.C. al Coda, probably in measure 8. a Coda in measure 9 and a To Coda in the 5th volta currently measure3, but should be measure 4

Maybe like the attached

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Sorry for the late reply. There are a few more things in need of clarifying:
Verse is bar1+bar2 or bar1+bar4 or bar1+bar3...
Chorus is bar4+bar5+bar6 or bar4+bar5+bar7 so having volta 2,3,4 at the end is needed as part of chorus... 1st volta5 could be somehow omitted, but then an extra verse notation is needed at the end before the Ending
Bridge is bar7+bar8
All repeats should jump to the beginning, this way:

V [1st volta1] V [1st volta2] C [2nd volta1] V [1st volta3] C [2nd volta2] B [back to the beginning] V [1st volta4] C [2nd volta3] B [back to beginning] V [1st volta5] E

The first voltas looks like doing it's job correctly, the second voltas' first volta is giving a lot of thinking, but will not enter/repeat from beginning but skip the whole volta part alltogether. The second voltas' second part looks to be working fine, however I presume as the first volta is skipped, it messes up some numbering so the first voltas' 5th volta is never used...

It's not really a big deal, only the playing is affected, but this way all score fits on one page.

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We are showing scores on tablets, for now we try to put scores on as few pages as we can to avoid unnecessary page turning during live performances. Besides, paper does not play printed score, the problem is not with the visuals.

As I already mentioned, it is not deal breaker, only playing is not working. I just wanted to contribute to the improvement.

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It wasn't clear to me whether the alternative endings were all required or not.
You can just add on to them and duplicate ending bars before repeats as you need them, just like I did for the bridge here (to be able to separate out the jump)

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They need to match the n-th repeat number upon which they should be honored. And that "n" is in reference to the starting point of where those repeats bring you.
Since your structure requires no start repeat barlines anywhere, all of the volta's are relative to the score starting point repeat counter reference.

I got it working. Trick is to set the second volta set repeat list match the first volta set repeat list, in this case second volta set first volta can display 1. but in repeat list should have 2, the 2., 3. should have 3, 4. And it works. Interestingly only the last repeat needs play count 3, the rest is OK with play count 2.

Thanks everyone for contributing. I appreciate your input.

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Almost... to get it to "really" work if you ever have to add sections or actual jumps you still need to correct the repeat/play count on the bars.

Both first volta's should end in a bar with play count set to 2 (as per the manual, one higher than the number of elements in the concerning repeat list).
The bridge then indeed ends with a bar with play count 3, as is already the case.

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