Adjusting vertical Spacing between two staves of a grand staff system

• Oct 16, 2008 - 11:50

I was wondering if it is possible to manually adjust the vertical spacing between the two staves of a grand-staff system if a particular system is vertically crowded.


I know that stretching will also increase the vertical space between staves but can the vertical space be increased without stretching?

You can adjust the vertical spacing between staves throughout a score. Go to StyleEdit StylePage and adjust the "akkolade distance". You may also have to adjust the "system distance" later to compensate.

I do not know if there is a way to adjust the vertical space for a single system. As a possible work-around you could add lyrics line to expand a particular system. Use Ctrl+Space to add an invisible place-holder syllable.

I am trying to use the new Version 2 local staff spacers in the breaks and spacers palette. I have several staves with multiple verse lyrics, then the rest is the refrain which is fine with the normal spacing. So I want to chub up the ones with verse lyrics below them, yes? The manual only talks about creating MORE space by dragging "a spacer" to a measure ABOVE the area that needs more space. Well, this is what I want to do. It appears I have a choice of a downward pointing arrow or an upward pointing arrow, as the others are horizontal or something else. It is not clear which is which, because neither one of them seems to do a damn thing when I drag it and drop one on a measure ABOVE the hefty lyrics. Using Mac. Please advise clear and complete and thank you.

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It's always best to attach the score you are having problems with, otherwise we are kindof just guessing. But in general, the downward arrow is what you attach to the upper staff, then simply resize it (double click and drag) to add however much space you want.

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