Adjusting vertical Spacing between two staves of a grand staff system

I was wondering if it is possible to manually adjust the vertical spacing between the two staves of a grand-staff system if a particular system is vertically crowded.


I know that stretching will also increase the vertical space between staves but can the vertical space be increased without stretching?

You can adjust the vertical spacing between staves throughout a score. Go to StyleEdit StylePage and adjust the "akkolade distance". You may also have to adjust the "system distance" later to compensate.

I do not know if there is a way to adjust the vertical space for a single system. As a possible work-around you could add lyric line to expand a particular system. Use Ctrl+Space to add an invisible place-holder syllable.

The latest mscore revision (1182) implements vertical spacer elements which can be used to adjust space between staves.

Oh I see. Thanks!

Thanks David

The simple addition of a blank lyric line is just the simple workaround I was looking for.

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