Delete Selected Range Not Working

• Aug 25, 2021 - 00:57

When I select a measure and press ⌘+Delete, the measure isn't being deleted. It's just in that particular score; in other scores, it works perfectly fine.


Also, consider closing and restarting MuseScore. For some reason no one understands, this command seems to diable itself occasionally, and especially so on macOS. Restarting always fixes it in these cases. Your case might be different since you say it works for other scores.

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Actually, in year since this thread was started, we have now figured out the cause: it’s an undocumented and broken special command that people must be accidentally giving. The shortcut is Ctrl+I (Max: Cmd+I) so probably people do this accidentally in an effort to italicize something, but that only works in text edit mode. In any other mode, it triggers a special command that doesn’t actually work, but has the side effect of disabling the remote selected range command. So the solution if you accidentally press Cmd+I in the future, just press it again to disable the broken special command.

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Mine too. Which answers the question I posted in another thread about how people accidentally get into insert mode.

And once I'm in insert mode for note input, Ctrl+Delete does not necessarily delete the entire measure. If a note or rest is selected, Ctrl+Delete deletes the selected note and reduces the size of the measure by that much: as if I had gone into the Measure Properties dialog and changed the measure size by the duration of the selected note/rest. Only if the selected note/rest lasts the entire duration of the measure then the entire measure is deleted.

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