Is the fixed spacer broken?

• Aug 25, 2021 - 07:37

I use a separate stave for Capo chords so that they can be nicely aligned above the standard ones (mostly for real-estate reasons) with nice and easy transposition. I make that stave as small as possible (one line, no everything, and obviously hide the rests etc) so that it doesn't take up too much space, but it invariably still takes up a bit. To get around this, I've been using the fixed spacer to dictate exactly how far that stave sits above the rest of the system.

But now I can't. And I can't work out why. I managed to get a half-decent looking score by fiddling with a couple of settings and picking a very precise fixed spacer size, but if I'm outside of the range of 3.92-3.95 or exactly 4sp, it bumps back to around 9sp minimum. Unless I change them one at a time (just discovered now) in which case I can do what I want for most of the staves, but as soon as the last one of the page gets close to where I want it, the whole thing jumps back again.

I've set the minimum stave distance to 0, but that doesn't seem to make any difference at all...


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I don't understand why you need that invisible extra staff, you can habe 2 chord symbols attached to the same chord of the same staff, and even have different style setting for them, you'd need to disable the playback for those capoed ones though (but I see you have disabled them all anyway), they'd still transpose that way.

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I’ll check it out when I’m next back at the computer (no paid account so no “external files” into iOS app).

As per this thread: doing it this way means I can:

a) change the capo level by changing the transposition of that instrument, without affecting the rest of the score.
b) “select all similar in part” to make changes easily to all capo chords and only capo ones.
c) add them quickly in the first place by just copying and pasting. Not sure of a way to do that otherwise.

For a few of the reasons.

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Note how in this version I set the vertical adjustment of the capo chords in the first page to zero so as not to just abandon the space 'belonging' to the top of that stave. I set the fixed spacers to minimum, but the space is actually greater than on the second page, where the settings were left as they were. The impact of leaving the space 'belonging' to the top stave empty can be seen at the top of the second page where the system is a long way down from the top of the page where the page number can be seen.

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