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• Aug 26, 2021 - 20:25

I have tried on a number of occasions to add multiple roman numeral analysis lines to a score. I sort of succeeded having 2 lines of numeral to indicate modulation but I have failed so far to have a continuation line in the lower line while having roman numerals in the line above. This can be used to indicate tonic or dominant pedals or that a sequence of chords is really only a elaboration of a single chord. As I said I can add a roman numeral to the lower line but when I add underscores, the lines will not go under the numerals in the top line but moves them to the side.
Is there a way to achieve what I want?


Continuation lines are a feature of figured bass, not Roman numerals. Are you mixing the two? As mentioned, attaching the score would help us understand and assist better.

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For the bracket used for modulations, I simply add these as separate lines with up & down hooks. I disable autoplace for them and position them manually. Very nice because I can define the exact range I want them to apply to. Works well and quite simply. I have one such line added to a custom palette, so I can have it all going in seconds.

Looks like you are doing something different from the standard bracket I am familiar with, but if this is the notation you prefer, it also seems like it should be simple,. Just set the lower numerals to use the same vertical offset, either directly or via a user text style.

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