Playback not playing any sound

• Aug 29, 2021 - 22:50

I just downloaded a score and tried using the playback feature but it made no sound. The web version plays just fine but the software doesn't. No, my sound isn't off. And I tried to install it again. I'm using the latest MuseScore version.
I've attached the score file below.

Attachment Size
Elfen_Lied_-_Lilium.mscz 37.37 KB


Stems from and uses a different soundfonr, a Zerberus one:

          <controller ctrl="0" value="0"/>
          <controller ctrl="32" value="0"/>
          <program value="0"/>
          <controller ctrl="7" value="118"/>

If you don't have the same (the score is not naming it in the score, bizt on "Piano in 162") it won't sound. Unless you do the above mentioned change

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