move staves closer?

• Sep 14, 2021 - 01:18

I have 2 linked staves and 1 non-linked. When I make linked staves not visible, I want all visible to fit on
one page.
1) scaling doesn't work cuz it makes EVERYTHING smaller.
2) when I go format>style>page the vertical settings don't change vertical distances in a view with
linked staves hidden.
3) file attached, ver 3.6.2

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THX scorster, it seems to work for me. One or two side Qs:

1) I did NOT get an eMail notice of your reply. I just checked my "notifications" settings herein, they seem OK to me.
2) I still struggle w the concept of "systems" even though I have had several explanations from this forum.
a) I think of system as a "container" object.
b) cannot figure out the hierarchy of objects: staff, line, system, score, voice, page, groups of staves under each other
c) I don't think there are any "system" markers such as the line break or section. Why not?

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A system is an extremely simple concept: one logical line of music, read left to right. That's it. The system might contain only one staff (eg, a lead sheet, or an individual instrument part in a string quartet), or it might contain multiple staves (eg, a piano score has two staves per system, an orchestra score has many).

The system break is definitely a marker you add from the palette - it's the thing you probably mean when you refer to a "line" break. The term "line" is hopelessly ambiguous (voltas are "lines", a staff is a "line" of music for a single instrument, but the staff contains five "lines", a system is a "line" containing several staves. best to not worry about the term line and focus on the terms with more specific meaning.

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