Print size vs screen size

• Sep 14, 2021 - 14:55

When I use MuseScore 3.6 the score is very readable on screen. But when I print it, the notes are much too small to read comfortably. I've played with changing the line and page breaks but that doesn't solve the problem. For example, a page break increases the spacing between lines in the printed copy but the note size doesn't increase. How can I make the notes readable when printed?


At a 100% zoom the size on screen and on paper should be identical
Page and system breaks don't do anything to change the size... instead try Format > Page settings > Scaling

But to be clear: in a score created with default settings, the size of notes should already be comfortable to read for most adults. The standard size for a staff varies, but MuseScore's default of 7 mm tall (1.75 mm for the staff space size) is pretty typical. If you are seeing your music smaller than that, then it may be you somehow set the score up incorrectly to begin with. Unless it's an orchestra or other large ensemble score, then of course it needs to be small to fit all the instruments on the page.

If on the other hand you have vision issues that required extra-large printed music, increasing the staff size is indeed a good first step. Ideally, though, you'd also make other adjustments to spacing etc to avoid the music taking too many pages and also to keep relatively unimportant symbols from becoming too prominent - there is an art to create good large-print editions of music. See for example

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