File is corrupted and every time I press anything in the last inputted measures, it crashes

• Sep 16, 2021 - 06:35

edit: wrong spelling fixed "inputed" to "inputted"
I tried restarting and it still crashes
even clicking the last inputed measure or playing it crashes the file


It indeed is corrupted, but MuseScore 3.6.2 doesn't report this.
A 3.x debug build does though and even refuses to open the score.
MSCX Error in line 810: Invalid measure duration: 105/176
Same repeats twice later in the score
176 is not a power of 2 like it'd need to be for a proper denominator, but is 2^4*11
'fixing' that to 153/256 and the score reports a corruption, even in 3.6.2:
Measure 5, staff 1 incomplete. Expected: 105/256; Found: 315/528
And then still crashes on it...

Changing it to 77/128 (the closest match with the smallest possible denominator and a rounded up numerator) seems to work.

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