midi export not the same as when saved

• Sep 20, 2021 - 20:53

why when I export my sheet to midi does it always go back to some different way I had it before. wasting all the time I spent editing it just to play in synthesia and have to go right back, after realizing that its the same as before, and edit more stuff that I clearly already took care of already. how do I get it to keep the sheet exactly the same as the midi export?


MIDI is not a sheet music format, but a playback instruction format. There's a ton of notation info that simply doesn't exist in that format.
Thus when importing a MIDI file MuseScore makes a bunch of guesses about the score.

If you want the score to be saved as a score, then save it in the MuseScore format or MusicXML

Export to MIDI to use another program to play the file, but you must save to MuseScore format if you wish to edit in MsueScore. As mentioned, MIDI wasn't meant for that purpose.

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