Downloaded. Doesn't work. No help. Baffling menus.

• Sep 24, 2021 - 12:46

Big surprise, an engraving programme doesn't work when you install it.

I downloaded Musescore 3 and the synthesiser and mixer window is unavailable (grayed out).
There seems to be no window in the entire programme that lets a user GET TO playback settings, and so far all the FAQs I've read, other questions, opened and closed again issues, seems to slightly miss the point.

I just installed it. No sound. playback/mixer/synthesizer grayed out. WDID?


Under normal circumstances, it all just works, but indeed, occasionally a particular system might have a sound configuration that isn't directly compatible out of the box.

The FAQ you need is this one:

Please follow each of the suggestions carefully as it's easy to miss details along the way

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