SoundFont list organization - confusion

• Sep 24, 2021 - 18:22

Hi, everyone.

Suppose you have two orchestral soundfonts loaded into the Fluid tab. Is there anyway to tell which violin (for example) is from which soundfont?

It would be helpful if MuseScore would group the soundfonts into sections based on the names and then alphabetize each group of instruments within it.

We can start typing, for example, V for violin, but because there are so many instruments that start with v, with 2, 3, or more orchestral SoundFonts loaded, you'd have to type a lot of Vs to get through that long list, and because they aren't alphabetized, it's quite time consuming (and easy to miss them).

We also couldn't tell which SoundFont it was from.

Am I missing something (as in an easier way to do this)?

Thanks for your help.


If there's only two, it's easy enough 0 the sounds are listed in order. So all sounds from the first, then all from the second. but when you have more than two, it's a pain indeed. MuseScore 4 will likely improve on this.

BTW, you aren't limited to a single character in the typeahead in this or most other dropdown lists. Type "vio" and you'll skip the voices, vibraphones, etc. You;ll still see the violas and possible cellos, but they will generally be adjacent and arrow moves through those quickly enough. Still, no question that the more soundfonts you have, the harder it is to work with them. If you do this often, best to create a template then.

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There should be a way to go beyond the "template".
I'm talking about to save all those parameters to the main MuseScore file of the score.
If the user (which reproduces the file) doesn't have install an specific soundfont used in the original, there should be a warning, asking him the installation of the missed soundfont(s).
Just a crazy idea, from an old man.

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