Creating a space at the beginning of the measure

• Sep 25, 2021 - 14:03

Is there a way to create a space between the bar line and the first note when the first two notes are connected eighth notes? I'm a harpist and sometimes need to insert lever changes in the beginning or end of a measure. The notes and stems move with the offset command in the inspector but the top bar doesn't.

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It's not clear to me how you added those symbols. If you add them to the first note, space is normally allocated automatically. This does have the disadvantage of making the default position depend on the note itself though. So whatever you did may be better, but I'd like to understand how you added them.

To add the space in your example, I'd probably use the leading space adjustment rater than a simple chord offset, BTW - chord offset works but makes the spacing uneven (the eighths become too close together).

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Hi Marc,

I drag all the symbols I frequently use from the master palette to my palette on the side. Then I just drag the symbol I need from the side palette right onto the staff. Since symbols are independent of notes, I can put them anywhere. Lever harpists use a diamond symbol to represent lever changes (they are sharpening levers; they raise the pitch of the string a half-step).

I used the chord offset command in the Inspector that was recommended previously and it did the trick, but I just tried the leading space adjustment and I see what you mean- that would have worked well too!

Thanks as always for this great program and your quick replies. Here's what it looked like ultimately:

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Ah, I hadn't considered drag - that's not normally the recommended way of adding symbols (click is much more precise and efficient) but it is indeed possible that way to create the situation you currently have - where the symbol seems to be somehow attached to the measure itself rather than to any specific note. Probably that's a bug. The method I described - adding the symbol to the first note, or perhaps to the barline - would be the "correct" method. Adding to the note itself has the advantage of automatically adding space but the disadvantage of making the default vertical position of the symbol depend on the pitch of the note. So not really ideal either way.

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