iPad Score Creator?

• Sep 25, 2021 - 22:24

I know this has likely already been talked about, but will there ever be a version of the score creator for the iPad? I have an iPad now, and it would be so nice to link my files/scores to it so that I can make scores anywhere, instead of just having to do so at my desktop PC. I’m honestly curious why there isn’t a version for iPad already.


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But why is that so? I just don’t really get it, it would likely be the best mobile notation software. Plus for someone like me, where I have a ton of scores already through MuseScore, it would be a kind of blessing. Then I don’t have to make more than one of a score/composition. I feel like it’s untapped potential.

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The reason is that is technically quite difficult to create an app that works across Windows, macOS, Linux, and also iOS and/or Android. To my knowledge in fact there are no examples of this. But some developers who have the time and/or budget have managed to create separate versions of their apps to cover both desktop and mobile platforms. Presumably at some point, if the company responsible for MuseScore development gets to the point where they have enough resources to look at doing something similar, there may someday be a version of MuseScore for mobile as well. But so far, it's been far too small of an operation for that to be viable.

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I suppose that does make sense. I just really wish there was something I could use to work on scores remotely. I do have a laptop, but the touch screen aspect would be fantastic, especially since a lot of laptops seem to have very janky tablet modes. And for the other comment, a surface would be nice, but an iPad Pro just worked out better. But it’s interesting that it would work on that. Neat though,

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