collaboration realtime with musescore

• Sep 27, 2021 - 14:05

I am looking for a way to use Musescore together with a few people (which are remote) in order to learn them composing. So I need only one session but a way to enter via multiple people also mouse en keyboard in to the same score. Also nice if multiple copies can be edited separately and then orderly merged together (the change of every member must be as such annotated.
Is that possible ? Nativily or via addin ?


Adding that sort of real-time synchronization - and creating the serves for it - is a highly complex thing, far beyond anything that has been attempted thus far. But obviously, not technically impossible for a company with enough resources (eg, Google), so who knows, someday it may happen.

Meanwhile, best results I have found are to use a shared folder on Google Drive or Dropbox, and just take care not to literally edit at once but instead to synchronize your work, saving after each change and getting the others to reload.

I know someone who deals with remote classrooms. She says that the software would need to have the capability of multiple users being logged into it at the same time. Multiple users is a whole other ballgame.

You could do a zoom or other type of remote session and grant control (mouse & keyboard) to different people at different times. And you could try to duplicate staves for each user if that's helpful.

I would have thought that there wouldn't be software that does what you want, open source or commercial, but this seems to hint at doing it:

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