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• Sep 28, 2021 - 05:06

I am arranging a piece for a men's quartet. When I added the lyrics, the bottom of the staff lowered quite a bit, so that there is a lot of room between the lyrics and the bass notes. How can I move the lower staff back up where it was?

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Are you planning on literally only printing these four measures? if not, it's best to not worry about the spacing until you are done. MuseScore is trying to fill the page more since there is so much space,e but as soon as you add more music, it will use the space for that instead. You shouldn't normally need to override this, but when you do, it's important not to do so prematurely, as adjustments made based on the current spacing may turn out to be counterproductive once the score is completed.

But if you are planning on printing this one line only, then you can close up the space by going to Format / Style / Page and reducing the max staff distance. This is better in most cases than using a spacer because it still allows some automatic adjustment and won't cause problems if, for example, you later add more verses or other change something.

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