Musescore is not responding to my refund request after giving me a 35% refund only.

• Sep 29, 2021 - 18:08

The problem with musescore is that it takes quite a bit of time to create your account. I wanted to download some music sheets so I did 7 days trial. I couldn't even download the sheet I wanted bc it was copyrighted. I wanted to cancel the subscription immediately but the website didn't even show the subscription option because it was still in the process of making my account. I forgot about it and I had to pay 69 dollars for a 12-month pro account. My bank account is now in negative value and today I had to pay the overdue payment of 35 dollars. I have negative 100 dollars now. I had to buy my medicine and pay for the club fee yesterday but I couldn't because musescore is not responding to my emails. This is frustrating and cannot get straight with my mind currently because I don't even have money to afford my medicine. I'm literally writing this forum with my shaking hand, desperately searching for any help I can reach. Please musescore, I beg you for a full refund.


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