Installing and interaction of mellotron fonts between my keyboard and the computer/transcription in notation from my keyboard to the computer.

• Oct 6, 2021 - 15:09

I would be interested in is first of all be able to connect via midi connection my keyboard for two purposes.

1.- To install mellotron fonts and be able to interact with my Yamaha, Roland, and casio keyboards that have midi connection I did buy a cable (TENINYU USB to MIDI Cable Converter 2 in 1 PC to Synthesizer Music Studio Keyboard Interface Wire Plug Controller Adapter Cord 16 Channels Supports Computer Laptop Windows and Mac) but I have not figure out how this work.

2.- If there is a feature that allow me to play with my keyboards and that what I play is transcripted on a Treble and bass keys. I know years ago I did manage that with Cakewalk.

3.- I have another question which is featured in the attached videosl


Regarding your first question, could you explain in more detail?

Regarding the second, MuseScore does have a limited real-time input option, and you can enter notes onto any staff you like. See the Handbook under "note inout modes" for more info. But there is no AI to attempt to guess which hand is playing what or how to sort out multiple rhythms played at once - not for real-time inout, anyhow. If instead you record a standard MIDI file using any sequencer, then import that into MuseScore, then the AI can attempt to guess at those things. But be forwearned: the chances of getting reading sheet music this way are pretty low. it's almost always faster and more effective to enter the notes directly.

The first point is not related to MuseScore itself.
I have a Casio external keyboard synthesizer and I connect it to my PC through a MIDI to USB cable.
I can work with the Casio device and MuseScore so well using the JACK Audio Connecting Server, which can be installed inside any Operating System (Linux, Windows and Mac).
BUT... Nothing about those connections has some relationship with the Mellotron SoundFont itself.
You can install the Mellotron SoundFont to be used by MuseScore in your PC, but you won't get the Mellotron SoundFont sounds from your external Yamaha, Roland, or whatever MIDI device, IF YOU DON'T LOAD THE MELLOTRON SOUNDFONT FILE INSIDE THOSE DEVICES.
In other words, it is not a MuseScore issue.
MuseScore can get your external devices play the score.
MuseScore says your external devices which instrument is in which MIDI channel.
BUT... The final sound you will get, is only related with those external devices. It doesn't matter the SoundFont you are using inside MuseScore.
MuseScore cannot to "teletransport" the sounds from the computer SoundFont file to your external devices.
I know some devices can use different SoundFont files from diskettes, CDs and/or USB flash memories.
I don't know if your devices can do that.

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