changing clef + key signature without changing notes

• Oct 13, 2021 - 22:40

Hi all,
The attached picture shows, except for last stave that I've added afterwards, the first system of Ravel's Quatuor after conversion from paper and importing the related XML file into MuS.
The conversion software did not properly recognize the clef and key signature which should have been what I've done with the fifth stave.
Is there a way to change clef + key signature on the third stave without automatically changing the notes?

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To be clear: MuseScore does not change the notes automatically, If you (or the MusicXML conversion software) enter a middle C, it stays middle C no matter what clef or key signature change you subsequently make. What you really are asking for is for MuseScore actually change the notes - to change a C4 entered in bass clef into an Ab5 in treble clef or whatever. That's why it's two separate operations - one to change the clef or key, the other to change the notes.

Thanks for the info.
I've managed to change the clef without any note change (see a1.png) but as soon as I change the instrument it behaves wildly (in my point of view, of course: see a2.png.)
Why that change and how do I stop/correct it?

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..and if I copy first measure from the stave labelled "piano" to the one labelled "viola" I get the third note changing value (see a3.png) or more easily visible after one perfect octave transposition (see a4.png).
I'm confused ...

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Have a look at on ways of fixing those corruption that are reported when opening that score. Not fixing them might lead to a bunch of undefined behavior up to and including random crashes of MuseScore.

The issue you have is that the staff labelled "Piano" is actually a drum staff. The position on which you see those notes has no relation to the relative pitch of said note. You can notice this by looking at the status bar when arrowing through those first three notes:
pitches: MIDI38, MIDI45, MIDI47
The 3rd note is shown to be a tone lower than the second, while it in fact is a tone higher.

When you copy those pitches onto the Viola staff, you are being shown the correct notation for them.
If you go into the Mixer (F10) and uncheck the drumset checkbox for that staff, you'll notice the same display shift in showing you the actual pitches now.
As for why your conversion software mistakenly marked the thing as a drumset, that's likely a bug to be reported to them.

I can however pretty much guarantee you that it'll be faster to reenter those notes (from paper) onto the new staff than what it'll be when copying them (although with select same pitch/spelling you could likely get close in effort).

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Thanks jeetee,
I'm using SmartScore64 to convert paper-->XML and it did not recognize the viola's clef.
Since I've just bought it, I'm struggling to see how I can fix it.
The application of the intuitive concept doesn't seem to have been used when they designed this software, at least in my eyes.

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