How can I delete line without deleting notes?

• Oct 14, 2021 - 00:53

The first image shows a line, which has a 2 on it, that groups an eighth rest with sixteenth note triplets, where the first triplet is a rest. I highlighted that line because I think it is unnecessary clutter and I want to delete it. It is clear enough that the eighth rest is followed by sixteenth note triplets, which are grouped by a line that has a 3 on it. However, when I try to delete the line with a 2 on it, the G and Ab triplets also get deleted. The second image shows that I have dragged that line completely off the staff, but when I delete it, the G and the Ab notes still get deleted. The third image shows what's left. How can I delete the line without deleting the notes that are not selected?





You can make it invisible by pressing V while it is selected (you can also see it at the top of the inspector). If you want the number to remain, you can change the "Bracket type" (from the inspector) from "Auto" to "None".

Maybe I'm missing something, but what is the duplet there are all> If these are just ordinary sixteenth triplets following an eighths rest there is no need for the duplet. just enter the notes normally - first the eighths res,t then the triplet. Then there won't be a duplet to worry about.

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When I divide the quarter rest into two eighth rests by selecting the quarter rest and pressing Ctrl + 2, I get two eighth rests with the line with a 2 on it connecting them. Then I select the second eighth rest and press Ctrl + 3 to divide it into sixteenth triplet rests. Then I convert the second and third triplet rests into sixteenth triplet notes. I could find no way to do that without splitting the quarter rest, resulting in the line with a 2 on it. I am editing an existing score, not creating a new one, so the Bb on beat 2 is already there.

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As mentioned, if for some reason you want to divide a quarter rest into eighths rests, definitely don't use Ctrl+2 - simply press 4 or click the eighth note icon to change its duration.

But more to the point, you shouldn't have had a quarter rest to begin with, and even if you did, you shouldn't have needed to change it into anything. Note input in MuseScore goes left to right, replacing what is there already. When you started this measure, it was presumably empty - containing just the default full measure rest., So, don't enter a quarter rest, just enter the eighth rest you actually want - "4 0" or the equivalent in mouse clicks. Then enter the tuplet - "Ctrl+3 0 G A".

No quarter rests were harmed during the entry of this passage :-). But even if for whatever reason you did have a quarter there left over from some previous attempt, still, no need to turn it into something different first - just enter the exact the same thing I described above, and the new passage replaces the old.

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