Conductor Score Style Guidelines

• Oct 14, 2021 - 22:54

Hello Everyone,

I'm editing a symphonic score that will be presented to a professional symphony, and would like to find a set of industry standards for style and sizing, etc. on A3 (11"x17") paper.

For example:

What size should rehearsal marks be?
Tempo markings?
Staff sizes?

And on, and on.

I'm going through the G. Schirmer Manual of Style but don't see many these specifics in there.

  • Has anyone (who knows the correct way for a professional orchestra) put together a Customized Style .mss for this?

Thank you,



Generally speaking, the defaults should already be pretty good, we have fine tuned them over the years and then done another round of further tweaks with a professional engraver leading the way for 3.6.2. Beyond that, you see variation from publisher to publisher to be sure, but if you're looking to work directly with a specific orchestra rather than through a publisher, best to simply contact their music librarian. They might already have their own MSS file if they use MuseScore themselves (quite a few do at this point), or at least their own style guide they could share. MOLA (originally the Major Orchestra Librarians' Association) has their own set of guidelines they recommend - see…. but I think you'll find it's a bit "higher level", dealing more with overall page and staff sizes than with details about hairpins etc.

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