Symbol or indicator that parts are splitting

• Oct 15, 2021 - 09:57

Hi, I wish to give an indication in the score that two soprano lines are splitting. Eg 2 diagonal lines, one going up and one down, and then when the parts re-join, two diagonal lines indicating the merging of the two parts.
Is there a way of adding these lines? I would of course also be adding text to indicate the split. The two sopranos are on separate staves.


Open the Symbols palette of the master palette, serach for 'divide'.
Seelct the barline where the split is supposed to happen, click the v shape arrow (<sym>staffDivideArrowUpDown</sym>) in that palette. Then change its y-offset down a bit (4.0sp)

Open the master palette (Z) and go to the symbols category (bottom one in the left column) then filter on "divide", which will show you both the division arrows as the merge back arrow symbols.

Also consider the note-anchored line - Ctrl+click two notes, then from the Add / Lines menu. Like any lines, you can then customize their length etc.

As for the size of the arrow when using that symbols approach, perhaps a different font would have arrows sized more to your liking Lines with arrows are also found in the Unicode standard, so you might be able to find ones to your liking using the Special Characters dialog in a plain bit of text.

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