Voice Playback Sounds

• Oct 17, 2021 - 02:01

Can anyone help show/explain how to select/change different individual play back sounds for two voices on the same staff. (eg voice 1 & 2.)
Am creating learning sound tracks for Barbershop scores so need each voice to sound clearly different whilst remaining within it's own voice range.
Want to use default Barbershop scores but have to use separate staffs and different instrument sounds like the Bassoon to achieve this result.
Musescore is so cleaver I am sure there must be a better way and better voice sounds available.
Any assistance would be very much appreciated.


Use the barbershop template, use the T/L and B/B texts from the text palette on the 1st note/rest of either staff, then use the mixer, "unfold" the instruments, assign different sounds and/or mute/solo as you like

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