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• Oct 19, 2021 - 22:10

I just started using MuseScore today after having used ScoreCloud, and I'm finding the interface a bit confusing...but I'll figure it out I'm sure. However, in the very first measure of a 4/4 tune I put in an eighth rest, six eighth notes and two sixteenth notes – and the software insists on adding an extra eighth rest! Then I put a whole note in the next measure and the software added an additional eighth rest there as well. What is going on???

And, what are the gray +s for?


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Most likely you switched to the special "insert mode", meant only for the cases where you do in fact want extra beats. Switch back to the standard "step time" note input mode (using the drop down menu next to the toolbar icon). if you need further assistance, please attach your actual score rather than a picture of it, then describe in more detail how you are entering the notes, and then we can understand and assist better.

The gray "+" is there to tell you that you id in fact add extra beats to the measure. There are other ways one can do that as well, but most of those would be be harder to have done accidentally.

To delete any extra beats you've added, select them then press Ctrl+Delete.

Do be sure to check out the extensive documentation we provide - most obviously, the free online Handbook. Here also is a quick tutorial I created:


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