2 irritating, exasperating bugs. I want to cry.(duplicate)

• Oct 21, 2021 - 08:29

Firstly, cross-stave arpeggios(created by dragging an arpeggio line from the bottom stave to the top stave) keep jumping out of place inevitably. Over and over and over again. Just exiting and reentering the score, inputting notes or adding expressions causes every single arpeggio line to just leap out of place. There is no workaround, because as long as you save the score(which you have to eventually do), everything just teleports downwards(see attached example). This caused me so much pain because my score is full of these.

Secondly, what makes it even more maddening is that the bug report about this I have uploaded to the bug tracker DOES NOT APPEAR. I searched it up and it doesn't exist. So I wrote it ALL OVER AGAIN, and submitted it again. I even tried viewing the link and an Error 403 appeared, saying I don't have access. So I checked on another bug report I made yesterday, and it appears. The only difference is that this bug I tried reporting I rated S3-Major but the bug that actually appeared is rated S4-Minor(also an arpeggio issue, btw).

Musescore is an excellent software but this problem is the worst I have seen. Please help.

Okay this is a duplicate because it didn't appear just now ;-;

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