Time signature changing while I am working

• Oct 22, 2021 - 04:08

I am working on Amazing Grace in 3/4 time. Was working fine until I attempted to continue entering my fret numbers in the 6th measure. Each time I entered a number, the measure was expanded by 1/4 rest at beginning of measure. If I tried again, I now had 5 beats in the measure. Same if I tried to add a note in the last measure of the song on the melody line; that 3rd note pickup for the repeat had disappeared, as had my repeat signs. My score had also returned to the original crowded measures, not the way I had organized the measures. I tried inserting 3/4 time in the measure before where the problem started, but that did not help. I have tried Esc. key. Nothing works, and I can't continue. What am I doing wrong? How can I fix this?

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I've loaded your score but don't see a problem offhand - measure 6 has only three beats, for example. Can you give precise steps to reproduce the issue?

It's possible you accidentally switched to the special Insert mode instead of the standard Step-time mode for note input. That's only meant for cases where you want extra beats. If that's what happened, just switch back to step-time using the dropdown menu next to the note input icon.

As for the system breaks, it seems you're not done entering notes yet, so it's a bit premature to start guessing where good places for breaks will be - best to wait until the notes in and then you can gauge better. But to add breaks. just select a measure and hit Enter. If you ar you you already tried entering breaks anyhow, again, not really recommend, but for the record, breaks are removed if you change time signature, since the barlines are now all changed, so it sounds like that must be what happened.

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