Changed font but Musescore forgets; also remove repeat symbol

• Oct 26, 2021 - 01:15

I'm attempting to change all fonts from default to Musescore Jazz Text. If I'm right all types of text don't all change automatically. Changed "all similar" tuplets using Inspector. I always immediately save, but every time I go to print, change view or open another file they revert to default font and size. See red circle -- this has happened 8-10 times. Windows 10. Just rebooted computer, re-downloaded and re-installed Musescore on 10/22.

Sorry to combine queries, but I can't get rid of or even select some multi-measure repeat symbols. I was experimenting attempting to use them awhile back, but couldn't figure it out. Still, some errant marks in odd places won't go away.

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Instead of using the very old version of MuseJazz.mss that comes with MsueScore (and may cause unforeseen problems as some of it's style settings are out of date), my recommendation is to simply create your own. Use any of the jazz templates to create a new score. Then immediately use Format / Save Style to create your own MSS file. It's going to be better than the default one in that a) it's up to date, and b) it's saved to your Styles folder where you don't have to go hunting for it next time you want to use it.

Again, though, you only need to use this to convert older scores. For new scores, just use the template and you're done, no need to mess with MSS files at all.

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Yes, MuseJazz is based on the jazz templates will default to placing staff text under the staff instead of above, to avoid colliding with chord symbols, and other similar adjustments meant to mimic the way jazz charts are typically published. But if you've already been using these markings and are relying on the non=jazz defaults, that change will come as a surprise. Which is why I suggested making your own template, by starting with the jazz template but then customizing whatever you like (eg, if you prefer chord symbols above the staff and don't mind the chord symbols potentially getting in the way), you can set your own template up to do that.

The way to change text styles isn't by selecting similar elements - that only affects already existing elements, not new ones yet to be added. Instead, go to Format / Style / Text Style, then go down the list of each style and change the ones you like (not all will make sense to change - for example, Roman numeral analysis only works with Campania).

Also, changes made to a score indeed only affect that score. To affect future scores, instead, use a template. And really, there are already several existing jazz templates (lead sheet, combo, big band), might be simpler to just use one of those rather than reinvent the wheel here. They also include other relevant style settings, like adding wings to repeats and more.

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There indeed was at one time. Even if it's still part of the distribution, it's probably out of date. I would instead recommend just creating a new score from one of the existing templates, perhaps tweaking it as desired, then saving your own MSS file from that using Format / Save Style. Then this could be loaded into pre-existing scores. But still, using a template is easier for new scores.

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I think quite a lot of things have changed since pre-3.0 in terms of new styles added, changes to defaults, etc. Probably the file should literally do nothing but change the font face, but arguably it should contain other settings like repeat wingtips, not really clear.

Really, I'd rather see us re-investigate the PR that has been pending for several years to provide a "change all fonts at once" command -

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I started with the concert band template, later found the endearing MuseJazz Text. I'll change all styles as you suggest (I only changed the general text I think). That should solve the tuplet forgetfulness problem.

In future I will try different templates, but while this particular composition is mostly in jazz, it is for full concert band. Took me months to realize I could use the jazz drumset though, which kind of saved my sanity.

Thanks again for all your help.

Regarding the multimeasure repeat symbols, probably you dragged them way away from their original position clear onto another page. If you switch to continuous view you should be able to select them then reset using Ctrl+R. Assuming you attached them to the barline, they should never need to be moved more than a very small amount.

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I can't really remember what I did, as it was nearly a year ago (and I'm 69), but I was attempting to create a multi-measure repeat, which I never figured out. BUT I just found out that though I couldn't select in Continuous View I could in Single Page View, selected all similar and deleted! Thanks and sorry about the crazy part!

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