Reverb in exported midi file

• Oct 29, 2021 - 02:56

HI there everyone! I hope someone can help with my problem. I use the MuseScore Synthesizer Master Effects to add reverb to a midi and I can hear the reverb effect when the midi is played in Musescore. However, when I exported the midi file, the resulting exported midi does not have reverb. What must be done to export the midi with the reverb? Is there someone who can help, please.


MIDI fiels are not audio, they are simply instructions as to which note to play when. Then it's up to the program that plays the MIDI to provide the actual sounds. Those sounds can be and usually are completely different from how they sound in the program that created the MIDI. If the goal is to reproduce the sound you hear in MuseScor,e MIDI is the wrong choice - use an audio format like WAV or MP3. Otherwise, you'll have to set up the program you are using to play the MIDI file the same way you set up MuseScore - same soundfonts, same effect, etc.

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