More flexibility with Mixer>Play Part Only

• Nov 4, 2021 - 00:06

Here's a list of observations and requests regarding Play Part Only:

• The Mixer’s “Play Part Only” box is checked in all Parts by default. I haven’t found a setting to toggle the default.
Request: If no toggle currently exists, please add a preference that toggles the “Play Part Only” setting to the user's choice. That alone would resolve most of my concerns. The biggest issue affects students practicing with MuseScore. Generally I like them to play along while reading from Parts, but they have to remember to go to the Mixer and toggle “Play Part Only.”

• Unchecking “Play Part Only “ causes it to become uncheck globally … across all parts and all scores.
There’s no option to impart the setting only on the currently viewed score or Part
Request: Options for a finer scope of impact.

• There’s no option to save the “Play Part Only” setting saved with each score.
Request: Save the “Play Part Only” setting with each score (presently it appears to be a session setting.) This would help when sharing scores with students and others unfamiliar with MuseScore.

• The “Play Part Only” setting accessible only in the Mixer.
Request: I’d like to see an option to have “Play Part Only” & its checkbox appear in the toolbar whenever the user views a Part.



Have you tried a development build of MuseScore 4 yet? I think this whole parts / instruments / mixer structure has been redesigned (and is still being worked on), so you might want to see how it works there then possibly adjust your suggestions to take into account how it is working there, which is very different from how it is in 3.6.2 already.

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