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Hi all,

I decided to change a soprano part to a tenor part, both voices using treble clef. The first stave of the new tenor part was labelled "Tenor" and from then on the beginning of the stave lines were marked quite simply with a "T".
After having to make some adjustments to the score, I now find that additional "T" s have begun to appear in odd places in the score. I can't get rid of them. Oddly, there has been no change to any of the beginnings of the tenor stave lines, which have all retained the original "T"

Grateful for any suggestions to delete these annoying glitches. Some photos are attached.



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Hi DanielR
Thanks for replying.
The photos I sent show the problem - the letter "T" appearing at odd intervals. I suppose I could save the affected pages and then paste them on to a new score. But thats cumbersome and would not be necessary if there was a simple delete method to get rid of them.

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Hi Jeetee

Yes, they can only be displaced short instrument names. But the problem is that they now won't move. They were originally entered using a text box. After the adjustment to the score quite a lot of these "T" signs were displaced. I was able to move most back. But two or three have refused to move.

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Thank You Jm - it worked like a charm. Whereas previously it was impossible to highlight the offending "Ts, as soon as I went into "continuous " view they highlighted straight away. Deletion was then as normal. So thank you. My thanks also to all forum members who offered advice. This is a great site.


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> "They were originally entered using a text box."
Is exactly the reason why these are not short instrument names (in the musescore type of element sense) and why jm6stringer's advise worked.

It's also why we've repeatedly asked you to share the score; then one look in the status bar would've told us that too without having to do all this guesswork.

It sounds like maybe you didn't use the "Staff/Part Properties" window to change the voice name. As in, right click the original staff label (Soprano), select Staff/Part Properties.

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