I want to create a new palette fretboard for mandolin chords

• Nov 8, 2021 - 14:14

I want to create a new palette" fretboard for mandolin chords" instead of the supplied guitar fretboard


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It would be useful if you told us what specific part of the process you struggle with. Was it creating the fretdiag to begin with, customing it for mandolin, creating a custom palette, or adding your custom diagram to the custom palette? And what specifically went wrong in attempting these? Was it that you didn't know how to do it, or you found instructions but had difficultly with one of the steps? We're happy to help, but we'd need to know more about what specifically you need help with.

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Hello Marc, I browsed the Mastering Musescore Courses to find a topic "create or alter a pallett", ie fretboard diagrams mandolin chords to add them to a score. Then I tried many things...but with this sheet "Common Mandolin Chords " I can manage ( hope so), and at last ! I dragged them to my new pallett and it is working. So far so good.Thank you both. It has really been a struggle for some time....

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