please allow configuring repeat sign to note distance

• Nov 10, 2021 - 21:03
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In order to reduce distractions by page turns I am engraving very tight scores, while still trying to keep font size/legibility.

One corner case I ran into today was that repeat signs apparently push notes away with a fixed amount that is not configurable:

Musescore - repeat sign to note distance.png
(screenshot from the "Tenor" part)

I was unable to find a setting in the Style... menu that would allow me to push the first note closer to the repeat sign at the beginning of the line, and similarly, push the last note on the line closer to the repeat sign at the end of the line.

Please allow configuring this distance, or take it from another setting (e.g. note margin).

Thank you in advance.


P.S. It might be wise to have your exact layout as shown in your screenshot provided in the mscz so that someone may be able to assist you further in achieving what you want. What's provided looks like this when loaded in MS36:


Good luck

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Thank you, reducing lead space is a lovely workaround! (I rarely have systems that begin with a repeat sign.)

Note that the same issue can also be observed before a repeat end sign at the end of the system - should you want to consider amending the title of #292476 accordingly.

But your workaround works well for both cases:
Musescore - repeat sign to note distance - with workaround.png

Thank you again.

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Well, what you've done at the end of the system is kind of objectively "wrong" according to normal rules of music notation - note that half note now has less space after it than the one in the middle of the system. Which is to say, the space there isn't some weird bug involving repeats at end of system, it's just the normal spacing rules that half notes should have more space after them than quarters or eighths, etc. So if you want to break that rule, it won't be about a style setting for repeats, it will always involve leading space adjustments.

But the space after the start repeat is just wrong, and shouldn't follow the same style as beginning of systems without repeats. Instead it should follow the normal spacing after barlines.

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Thank you for the clarification.

I always assumed spaces were put between notes merely to line notes up roughly duration-proportionally along the time axis. Therefore I assumed a note that was not followed by another note would need no such space after it - as there is no note to distance it from.

It seems I stand corrected.

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If it helps, think of the barline itself as that next note. That’s the usual rule - the space between a note and the barline should be the same as the space from a note of that duration to another note. But indeed, there can be situations where space is especially cramped and you might subjectively decide to reclaim some of that space.

Come to think of it, this is probably one of the things MuseScore could conceivably do automatically if you are trying to fit more more measures on a system than otherwise fit. Right now we have only the “stretch” adjustment to overall spacing for a measure, but someday this could be extended to also also reduce space before the barline and also the minimum note distance for the measure.