Clef change in score only (not in part)

• Nov 22, 2021 - 01:08

Is there any way to make clef changes that appear only in the score, and not in the part?
Horn players prefer treble clef except for very low notes, but in the score (in concert pitch) I would like to use bass clef more liberally.
I found some info on this thread which suggests that clef changes should apply separately in concert pitch versus transposed mode:
but that doesn't seems to be the case when I actually try this in MuseScore. Maybe the behavior changed from a previous version?


As far as I can tell you can still make it so that the clef is different between concert pitch and transposed mode, just as listed in that topic. But that does still mean that in both modes there is a clef at that position.

AFAIK the other part of the advice in there is still true as well; you can mark it invisible in the part.

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I must be missing something, since what is described in that topic definitely does not work when I try it.
Attached is a simple example score. When I add a bass clef to the second measure in the main score (which is in concert pitch), the clef is also added to the part, and also remains there when the concert pitch is turned off for the score (or turned on for the part).

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Yes, you have to make the clef invisible; as mentioned there.

So the full set of steps to take, starting with the score you've attached:
1. Place both the score and the part in Concert Pitch
2. Apply the Bass clef to m2 in the score
3. Place both the score and the part in Transposed Pitch
4. Apply the Treble clef to m2 in the part
5. Select the Treble clef in m2 in the part and make it invisible (default shortcut "V")
6. Turn Concert Pitch back on in the score

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That works, thanks.
The step I was missing was "overwriting" the bass clef I had already inserted with a treble clef. I only tried adding and removing clefs the concert/transposed pitch, and it never occurred to me that clefs can be overwritten like this.

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