Create a full page with empty lines - no silence sign, no bars

• Nov 22, 2021 - 12:15


I have a file with one line and "two" instruments (see attached file). I need to get a full page of empty lines, so that I can print it, and write music down with a pen.
- how to create multiple lines?
- how to hide bars?
- how to delete silence signs?

Musescore version 3.6.2

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You can break any "line" (actually called a system in MuseScore terms) with a system break. Just click in the bar (measure in US terms) and then hit the return key - just like a text editor. See

You can hide any element by selecting it an pressing keyboard shortcut "v" or by unticking the "visibility" box in the inspector. This turns the element grey on screen but it will not print. See

To get empty systems I suggest you add a system break to each bar (measure) and then each one will span the full page width and there will be no need to hide the barlines.

If you want to hide bars completely (i.e. no stave lines showing) you can right click on it and open the bar properties dialogue (measure properties in US terms) and untick the "visible" box. See

If you just want a gap between bars, you can insert a horizontal frame from the Add menu. See

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