Lost file

• Nov 24, 2021 - 21:22

Looks like I lost a file I played yesterday. It doesn't seem to be on my computer either But my computer is showing a D: drive which was not there before, and I really don't know what I am searching..


I had lost, but found this file under its old name. I purposely changed the name so I could find it. That worked until today. I probably saved the file 3 times yesturday, because I finished all the changes I wanted to make. The new file name is "Sleep on it". the files "11-5 wrk on" are also gone. All I have left is "11-5 ORG which I will upload.

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It might not be in that folder if that's not the folder you chose to save it to, but if you saved a file, then it is absolutely positively beyond any shadow of a doubt still there in the exact same folder you actually saved it to. As soon as you can remember the exact pathname of the folder you saved it to, you will find your file. If you cannot remember, then use the search facility of your OS to search the entire compute (including hidden folders) for it.

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