Windows 11 and MuseScore, so far

• Nov 24, 2021 - 23:41

Well, using a registry hack I have been able to put W11 on a laptop who's only problem with w11 is the older CPU. The first time Windows opened I fired up MuseScore. Nothing for the longest time. When MS finally did open, it worked just fine. Although when I minimized it, the UI minimized but the splash screen stayed. So I restarted and tried again. And again it took over 30 to 45 seconds to open. This time when I minimized, the splash screen did not remain. Open Shot also took a long time to open. Audacity opened fine. So far, my paid software opens.
Installing W11 the way I did brings up possible security update warnings. I've been able to see and install Camulative updates, so we'll see.
I'll continue to post in this thread as I find out more.
The main thing is that MuseScore works in W11.


I forgot. The only way I can get it to open is to right click on the icon and run as administrator. I'll figure that out later. It is opening quicker as the OS breaks in.

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