Flat symbol has changed

• Nov 28, 2021 - 15:49

I changed my laptop's language Korean to English yesterday. And after that, Musescore's flat symbol(font) has changed. As you see the image, it used to be the left shape, but it has changed to the right shape. I want to use the left shape. What's the problem?

Chord symbol's font is 'Microsoft Sans Serif'



Sounds like the Microsoft font you are using must have been changed when you changed your laptop version. Either that or some other font that was being used as a fallback font for symbols not present in your chosen font was changed. If a font doesn't contain a flat symbol - and many don't - results will be unpredictable, and will look different on every system. Best to stick to one of the fonts actually included with MuseScore to guarantee it always works.

According to "Character Map" the font "Microsoft Sans Serif" does not contain a flat symbol at codepoint 0x266D, nor the natural at 0x266E; but it does contain the sharp at 0x266F

So all that happened when you switched languages is that Windows decided to use a different fallback font for you. Apparently the fallback font in Korean has the flat symbol you like, while the fallback font for English doesn't.
I have no idea as for how to figure out which fallback font Windows chooses depending on the language you're in.

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You can't, not in any predictable way. It will change next time you update your system, and as mentioned, everyone else will see a different font anyhow - not just for the flat sign, but for everything, because not everyone has Microsoft Sans Serif" to begin with.

As stated earlier, if you care what your score looks like, best to stick to the provided fonts. I can't imagine that Microsoft Sans Serif offers any advantage over FreeSans to make it worth everything you give up in choosing a font that isn't on many systems and lacks the necessary symbols.

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