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• Nov 28, 2021 - 16:40

Hi all, first post here. Within the last couple of weeks, I've noticed that notation is overlapping. Is this happening to anyone else? It hadn't been an issue for me until recently. I'm running Musescore Revision 3224f34 on Mac OS Monterey 12.0.1. Picture attached for example. It seems to happening most with hairpins, I think.

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That shouldn't happen unless you have disabled automatic placement for those items or have moved them away from their default positions by dragging or changing their offsets in the inspector. It is impossible to know exactly what is going on from just a picture. it is always better to attach a score (.mscz file) when asking for help.

You can try putting any misplaced elements back to their default position by clicking on them and using shortcut CTRL+R. You can put everything back to its default position by selecting everything using keyboard shortcut CtRL+A and then CTRL+R. (for a MAC use CMD instead of CTRL).

If you need more help come back here and attach the score you are having trouble with.

As mentioned, we really need to see the actual score, not just a picture. But it looks like you either disabled autoplace, or manually adjusted those symbols, or added a fixed spacer to force staves too close together. It's also slightly possible this is in continuous view and you just performed an edit operation that did not trigger a full relayout of the score - many don't, for efficiency reasons. If you switch to page view all should be normal in that case.

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