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• Nov 29, 2021 - 10:21

I am writing an orchestral score and it has started crashing every time I try to save it.
I've enclosed the file.

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Hi, thanks for the reply.
I've now tried it on my laptop with the same problems, which leads me to believe that it is this particular file. Have you played the file all the way through? For me, it crashes at random places and it won't save as itself or as another file. I have tried playing, and saving, other files with no problems. The application isn't an Appimage.

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Actually I found the problem: your version apparently got built in Debug mode and crashed on a failed assertion:
Fatal: ASSERT: "first()" in file ...\MuseScore\libmscore\measure.cpp, line 1846
Clearly a fault in the build, is should get build in Release mode, which disables those crashes on failed assertions. Report this to the distribution maintainer and in the meantime use the AppImage

But see also #287263: MS file began crashing after every save (orchestra and parts) and

Workaround is to remove and re-generate the parts

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Thanks. I'm very grateful for your time in finding the fault. I deleted the parts and the problem was solved. My problem is that My mind is more "musical" than "technical" so, even though I'm getting better at it, a lot of the technical faults in software go over my head. Is there an advantage to using Appimage and, if there is, what is it?

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Thanks again. I've uninstalled the 'flatpak' version and I'm now using the appimage. It's performing well so far. It also seems a bit quicker on my 'starting to age' laptop. Could this be another advantage?
Anyway, I'm now going to repeat the same uninstall/install on my desktop. Thanks again again for your input. It's much appreciated

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Hi, Thanks for your reply. All of the answers so far say that it doesn't crash on their machines so I'm a little puzzled. I'm going to try a previous suggestion and delete the parts. Will you play the file all the way through and tell me if it played OK. Thanks again.

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